Sunday, November 11, 2018

Free Play Choices This Week Included...

 Playing and cutting Gack.
 Putting together 3D puzzles. 

 Stretching fabric loops across looms. 

Stringing pasta noodles to make a necklace. 

Using Chalk We Practiced Writing The Letters Bb, Ff, Dd, Gg, Aa, Ll, Mm, Kk, Ee & Jj.

 We enjoyed listening to, and then participating with letter songs before we wrote them.  Our favorite song was "Who Let The Letters Out?" which was a fun way to practice the individual letter sounds. ("Who let the Bb out ?  Ba, Ba, Ba etc....) We also talked about the importance of vowels and then blended the vowel a with the consonants. 

During Free Play We Had The Choice To Either Work With A Partner, Or By Ourselves Building A Lego Creation

When we finished we shared our visions with each other...